Wilson Offers Epic Response to Gun Grabbing Legislation

Rep. Wilson is a Certified NRA instructor  and graduate of several Massad Ayoob  training courses.

By Steven Nelson Recently State Representative Jim Moeller introduce one of the most egregious pieces of Legislation ever put forward in the Washington Legislature.  In his legislative update Rep Moeller  presents his gun grabbing bill that would make hundreds of…


“C” is for CONFLICT

"C" is for  C O N F L I C T

by Randall Stephens Just prior to the primary election for Clark County Council Dist 2 an interesting issue was raised in a blog post by Kaitlin Gillespie, County Government reporter for The Columbian.   In a July 29th blog post Gillespie…


You Can’t Take it With You!


by Randall Stephens It appears that candidate for Clark County Council (Dist. 2), Mary Benton can read the writing on the wall regarding the outcome of Tuesday’s primary election. She is emptying her campaign coffers in a last ditch effort…


Why the Walkout?


by Steven Nelson With local teachers walking out on their jobs and walking away from their students it leaves one wondering why?  Most of the arguments we hear are “We’ve not had a cost of living adjustment for years” or…


Wind Projects Die but Outdated City/Port Plans Zombie On

Wind Turbine Blade in Transport

by Randall Stephens In 1992 the federal government decided to subsidize wind turbine energy production. Apparently, unless it is subsidized it is not a very efficient source of energy. Sadly for us, the taxpayers, wind turbines are made in Germany,…


RTC Gets an Ear Full but Majority of Board Doesn’t Listen

RTC Board Hearing

Commentary and notes by John Ley Tuesday April 7th I attended the April 2015 RTC Board and made the following statements. “Members of the Board, I would hope that you are as outraged as I am at what has been…