Leaked Video Shows Unseemly Support for County Charter

Video obtained by Reality Clark County shows Planned Parenthood field operative openly supporting and encouraging the County Charter process.
The video was taken in early May of 2013* when a liberal leaning group got together to discuss how to get rid of Commissioner David Madore.

*Date corrected from original post.


The Case Against the County Charter


Opponents of the proposed Clark County Charter released the text of the con statement that will appear in November’s Voter’s Pamphlet.  Two of the statement authors were Freeholders themselves and also penned the “Minority Report” in which the shortcomings of the drastic change county governance are outlined.

The Opposition Statement

“Promoters of this plan will tout “Consensus” when none exists. Don’t be fooled; this new charter is not needed by, nor beneficial to you, the voter.
This Charter will destroy your commissioner’s ability to effectively work on your behalf. Those who drafted this charter believe that your elected representative should not “Interfere” with how the government bureaucracy is run.
A wall of separation will be erected between the administrative bureaucracy and the duly elected representatives leading to less accountability and transparency in your county government.
Transferring all executive authority to the county manager will provide cover for politicians. They can now say they aren’t responsible. It will also protect bureaucrats who the public will not have direct access to.
The county manager will now make board appointments as well as choose department heads. Staff will be aligned to serve the bureaucracy. They will be insulated from you and your representative’s oversight.
No one has pointed out the increased cost of the County Manager’s salary to compensate for his increased responsibility. They also haven’t accounted for the increased cost of his deputy manager.
The real costs will be long term as government follows its natural course of expansion and growth. It is now being held in check by you and your representatives. Keep it that way.
You want accountability? Keep the 3 elected commissioners who are responsible and accountable to you, the voter. You are the only “Check and Balance” needed to maintain good county government. Vote NO on this charter.”


Peter Silliman

Tracy Wilson

Stephen Mosier


MINORITY REPORT for the Clark County Charter

Minority_Report_PosterProgressive Pro County Charter gangs are making the rounds trying to tell people that everyone wants this backwards Charter.  What they don’t want you to know is that there were and are voices of opposition.  What follows is a minority report regarding the Charter that was penned by 3 of the Freeholders that voted against the final document. The reader should carefully consider the arguments made to withhold support of this radical change in county governance.

Clark County Charter – May 27, 2014

It has been an honor to serve on the Clark County Board of Freeholders. It has been a pleasure to work with a diverse group of qualified individuals who have been able to put aside political differences and work together in a respectful way. We hope this example of cooperation and goodwill will inspire all those who serve in leadership capacities and provide a renewed sense of respectfulness as citizens interact with their elected representatives.

Specifically, we commend Freeholder Chair Hendrickson for her leadership and tireless efforts in order to conduct our charter work in a timely manner. Though we appreciate the manner in which this process was conducted, and agree the final product is a result of consensus and compromise, we cannot support the charter in its final version. Simply, there are too many aspects of the Charter that conflict with why we ran for our freeholder positions; to defend ideals of limited government.

We disagree with elements of the charter, and find the following areas the most troubling:

1. We are concerned the so-called “separation of power” between the legislative branch (Councilmen) and the executive branch headed by the County Executive will not provide an adequate level of accountability to the voters. Our current form of government already possesses a separation of administrative authority through separately elected executive offices such as; Prosecuting Attorney, Sheriff, Auditor, Clerk, Treasurer, and Assessor, which comprises a significant portion, if not most, of the County’s administrative functions.

• Separating the remaining county administration under an appointed executive is superfluous and would create a disconnect between the citizens and their government by insulating much of the executive branch from the duly elected representatives.

• The County Executive would have complete authority to appoint all non-elected department managers without confirmation of the elected councilmen. Furthermore, these department heads would in turn staff their agencies without any oversight from our elected officials.

• The Charter also assumes that the Councilmen’s position is part-time, which further diminishes the role of the elected representatives of the citizens, and shifts the balance of power to the appointed County Executive and remaining county bureaucracy.

2. Over time, the Charter will increase the cost of county government and place this financial burden on taxpayers. At a time when we should be reducing the size of government, part-time county councilmen will, in time, vote to increase support staff with new salaries, and generous tax-payer funded benefits including retirement, health and dental insurance, vacation and sick leave.

For these reasons and others, we regretfully must vote “no” on the 2014 Clark County charter.


Freeholder        Freeholder      Freeholder
Tracy Wilson      Liz Pike          Peter Silliman


Pike Pounds the Progressive COV City Council

State Rep. Liz Pike, WA 18th LD

State Rep. Liz Pike, WA 18th LD

State Rep. Liz Pike took to Facebook Tuesday (Aug. 12, 2014) and unloaded with both barrels on the Vancouver City Council for their proposed resolution to prop up the dead and  rotting carcass of the Columbia River Crossing (CRC).

The status update is yet another epic flamethrower of common sense and reality that Rep. Pike has become know and loved for.

Her full update follows and is reprinted with her permission:

“Here are my thoughts on the proposed CRC resolution being considered by the Vancouver city council and why we must REJECT the proposed Clark County CHARTER this fall. These two issues are inter-connected.

It’s important to note our WA State Auditor only conducted a partial audit of the CRC, inspecting approximately 11 percent of the books. In the partial audit, $20 million of taxpayer money was not accounted for. I shudder to imagine what a full blown audit may have produced. It’s unfortunate the Vancouver City Council resolution proposed by its Mayor does not include admonishment of this proven malfeasance of the public’s money.

In the end, special downtown interests were pushing this CRC PROJECT through at the cost of breaking trust and faith with a majority of Clark County citizens. I wonder today if they think the damage they have caused to this community was worth a failed and soundly rejected project and at a horrendous cost to taxpayers of $200 million.

This notion of “we know what’s best for taxpayers” displayed by what could be termed by some as arrogant elected officials who ignore the will of a majority of Clark County voters is the most disappointing aspect in our region’s political landscape to this state legislator. Those on the C-Tran board and RTC BOARD, occupying city council seats and mayor chairs… they know who they are… I wonder how they sleep at night or look themselves in the mirror with a straight face.

If you have studied WA State politics as long as I have, you know that Seattle with it’s populous King County has a profound impact on statewide elections, most often at odds with the majority of voters in the other 38 counties in WA.

My biggest fear is that someday Vancouver will become the Seattle of Clark County politics. If you vote yes for the Clark County Charter, you will accelerate that effort. I am voting “NO” on the county charter because county government is not broken. We have County Commissioner elections every two years. If residents are unhappy with incumbents like they were in 2012, voters have no qualms about switching things up and going in a new direction. I trust voters. The proposed County Charter does not trust voters and furthermore seeks to remove power from voters and transfer that power to non-elected government bureaucrats. Is that really what we want? I think not.

If you want more projects like the failed CRC rammed down our throats, then you probable like the proposed County Charter. Me, not so much!”


How Slow Can You Go?


The above screen captures are form local websites that broke the news that Jeanne Stewart is running for Clark County Commissioner in the 3rd District.  These sites all posted the information within minutes of the Clark County Republican Party’s original post.  Clark County Conservative, Clark County Politics and this blog Reality Clark County all had posts go up with in fifteen minutes of the Republican Party making the news public.

Fourteen hours later the local “news”paper finally posted a story to it’s website proclaiming the news that everyone already knew.  Of course that post had a picture that was taken at a candid moment in an effort to make Stewart look unfriendly.

Screenshot 2014-05-09 18.07.15

Subscribers to the paper got a print edition that had no mention of Stewart’s announcement, was out of date, and irrelevant even before it was delivered. So bravo new media!  We all look forward to see what you have to say today and what the paper doesn’t print tomorrow.


Jeanne Stewart to the Rescue!

County Commissioner Candidate Jeanne Stewart

County Commissioner Candidate Jeanne Stewart

Former Vancouver City Councilwoman Jeanne Stewart has notified the Clark County Republican Party of her intent to run for the open 3rd Dist. County Commissioner’s seat. In a letter to party Chairman Kenny Smith obtained by Reality Clark County Stewart says “After careful soul searching, I have come to the conclusion that my most important principles and philosophies are more closely aligned with those of the Republican Party“
You can view the entire letter at the CCRP Website.

Stewart is know for her no-nonsense approach to leadership and devotion to responsible balanced government.  It is unclear who the local Democratic party will try to pit against Stewart or if the another Republican challenger will emerge.