Tools for Teachers

By: Bob Larimer

We all know it is going to happen again.
In the coming weeks or months, we are going to turn on our radios or T.V.’s, open up the newspaper or log on to the internet and find that another deranged shooter has come up out of his mother’s basement, easily stepped past the tragically inadequate, feel-good ‘safety protocols’ and ‘Weapons Free’ signs of a public school and killed innocent children and school personnel.
Everyone knows that the vulnerable state of our children in public schools can not be allowed to continue. We cannot allow a tiny minority of anti-Constitution, anti-Second Amendment, anti-gun activists to dominate the discussion or force the limitation of Freedom on law-abiding citizens, while leaving helpless children open to the next massacre.
Many signs point to an exasperated, very alarmed public that is by about a two thirds majority, in favor of not only private gun ownership but concealed carry as well.
In fact, pro-gun interest is growing nationwide, in spite of Obama’s assigning Joe Biden to pick up his rubber chicken and ooga horn and dither with a task force, deciding which guns and magazines free Americans may possess.

Concealed Carry school personnel on campus is an inevitable reality that some just haven’t thought through yet.
Our task is to move people to see that this is the sole, logical solution.
Unlawful deadly force can only be stopped by the immediate application of lawful deadly force.
Any response less than this means more dead children.
Hand-wringing, ‘grief counseling’ and more gun laws ignored by heartless maniacs have done nothing to stop the shootings.

It is time for responsible parents, grandparents and school district patrons to act.
We must demand that our local School Boards and State Legislatures enact policies and laws that call for and enable the presence of armed school personnel in school buildings and classrooms.
I urge every concerned citizen to attend their January School Board meeting and push for real school safety.