Pike Pounds the Progressive COV City Council

State Rep. Liz Pike, WA 18th LD

State Rep. Liz Pike, WA 18th LD

State Rep. Liz Pike took to Facebook Tuesday (Aug. 12, 2014) and unloaded with both barrels on the Vancouver City Council for their proposed resolution to prop up the dead and  rotting carcass of the Columbia River Crossing (CRC).

The status update is yet another epic flamethrower of common sense and reality that Rep. Pike has become know and loved for.

Her full update follows and is reprinted with her permission:

“Here are my thoughts on the proposed CRC resolution being considered by the Vancouver city council and why we must REJECT the proposed Clark County CHARTER this fall. These two issues are inter-connected.

It’s important to note our WA State Auditor only conducted a partial audit of the CRC, inspecting approximately 11 percent of the books. In the partial audit, $20 million of taxpayer money was not accounted for. I shudder to imagine what a full blown audit may have produced. It’s unfortunate the Vancouver City Council resolution proposed by its Mayor does not include admonishment of this proven malfeasance of the public’s money.

In the end, special downtown interests were pushing this CRC PROJECT through at the cost of breaking trust and faith with a majority of Clark County citizens. I wonder today if they think the damage they have caused to this community was worth a failed and soundly rejected project and at a horrendous cost to taxpayers of $200 million.

This notion of “we know what’s best for taxpayers” displayed by what could be termed by some as arrogant elected officials who ignore the will of a majority of Clark County voters is the most disappointing aspect in our region’s political landscape to this state legislator. Those on the C-Tran board and RTC BOARD, occupying city council seats and mayor chairs… they know who they are… I wonder how they sleep at night or look themselves in the mirror with a straight face.

If you have studied WA State politics as long as I have, you know that Seattle with it’s populous King County has a profound impact on statewide elections, most often at odds with the majority of voters in the other 38 counties in WA.

My biggest fear is that someday Vancouver will become the Seattle of Clark County politics. If you vote yes for the Clark County Charter, you will accelerate that effort. I am voting “NO” on the county charter because county government is not broken. We have County Commissioner elections every two years. If residents are unhappy with incumbents like they were in 2012, voters have no qualms about switching things up and going in a new direction. I trust voters. The proposed County Charter does not trust voters and furthermore seeks to remove power from voters and transfer that power to non-elected government bureaucrats. Is that really what we want? I think not.

If you want more projects like the failed CRC rammed down our throats, then you probable like the proposed County Charter. Me, not so much!”


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