The Case Against the County Charter


Opponents of the proposed Clark County Charter released the text of the con statement that will appear in November’s Voter’s Pamphlet.  Two of the statement authors were Freeholders themselves and also penned the “Minority Report” in which the shortcomings of the drastic change county governance are outlined.

The Opposition Statement

“Promoters of this plan will tout “Consensus” when none exists. Don’t be fooled; this new charter is not needed by, nor beneficial to you, the voter.
This Charter will destroy your commissioner’s ability to effectively work on your behalf. Those who drafted this charter believe that your elected representative should not “Interfere” with how the government bureaucracy is run.
A wall of separation will be erected between the administrative bureaucracy and the duly elected representatives leading to less accountability and transparency in your county government.
Transferring all executive authority to the county manager will provide cover for politicians. They can now say they aren’t responsible. It will also protect bureaucrats who the public will not have direct access to.
The county manager will now make board appointments as well as choose department heads. Staff will be aligned to serve the bureaucracy. They will be insulated from you and your representative’s oversight.
No one has pointed out the increased cost of the County Manager’s salary to compensate for his increased responsibility. They also haven’t accounted for the increased cost of his deputy manager.
The real costs will be long term as government follows its natural course of expansion and growth. It is now being held in check by you and your representatives. Keep it that way.
You want accountability? Keep the 3 elected commissioners who are responsible and accountable to you, the voter. You are the only “Check and Balance” needed to maintain good county government. Vote NO on this charter.”

Peter Silliman

Tracy Wilson

Stephen Mosier


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