Wilson Offers Epic Response to Gun Grabbing Legislation

By Steven Nelson

Recently State Representative Jim Moeller introduce one of the most egregious pieces of Legislation ever put forward in the Washington Legislature.  In his legislative update Rep Moeller  presents his gun grabbing bill that would make hundreds of thousands of Washingtonians criminals should they not comply and turn in their firearms that they have a right to own as guaranteed in the Federal and State Constitutions.

A portion of Moeller’s update follows……

Addressing Gun Violence

All of us have been shocked and saddened by the terrible incidents involving high capacity weapons. I know that we all want to keep our communities safe and secure as far too many of our neighbors and loved ones are becoming victims of gun violence.

Personally I own pistols, rifles and shotguns and I have wonderful memories of my father and I hunting and target shooting.

However I see no need for assault weapons with high capacity magazines.

Assault Weapons

All too often political leaders turn away from this issue, but I think that we need commonsense solutions to this complex problem. So I am proposing a ban on high capacity assault weapons.

Our community cannot be safe if any unstable person can walk into a gun store or gun show and walk out with a military style weapon. These guns are weapons of war and I believe that we should stop selling them to civilians.

Limiting access to the most dangerous weapons humans make is not a new idea, and it is one that has been effective at curbing high casualty events in other places around the world.

Please feel free to reach out to my office with any ideas or suggestions you have to make Washington a safer, more prosperous place to live.

Jim E-Signature

Jim Moeller

Rep. Wilson is a Certified NRA instructor and graduate of several Massad Ayoob training courses.

Rep. Wilson is a Certified NRA instructor and graduate of several Massad Ayoob training courses.

Enter Representative Lynda Wilson (R) 17th LD took on Moeller’s unconstitutional attempt to disarm citizens head on in a response to an onslaught of constituent email offered the following rebuttal.

Thank you for your e-mail regarding HB 2354, banning assault weapons and large capacity magazines.  I am adamantly OPPOSED to this bill.

Interestingly, the very definitions that Rep. Jim Moeller used in defining these guns as an “assault weapon” are the very thing that make it a safer gun to use by most people – especially women and those of smaller stature.  This bill is being directed mainly at the AR-15 rifle.  This particular rifle, along with its specific accoutrements is what makes it the best self-defense gun for women; very little recoil, a collapsible/adjustable stock so the gun fits a smaller stature, pistol grip for better control, and a quad rail to attach a light to illuminate the threat and reduce the chance of aiming the gun at something you shouldn’t.

Unfortunately, bills, initiatives, and laws like this are being perpetrated on law-abiding firearms owners across the nation.  I-594 already dramatically restricted our 2nd Amendment right last year.  You may not be aware, but I am a certified NRA instructor and became one to encourage firearm safety and training for those who are looking to further their expertise in the safe handling of firearms.  You may be interested in a couple of bills I am sponsoring this session. HB 2553 and another which will be formally introduced tomorrow is attached. (HB-2712)

Rest assured – I hear you loud and clear – and stand strong right beside you.  I will do whatever I can to protect our 2nd Amendment rights should this bill make it to the House floor for a vote.  I will be a strong vote against it.

There is some good news.  I have heard the Chair of the Judiciary Committee may not hear the bill.  And even better news is this would never pass in the Senate! Our 2nd Amendment Rights are under attack this session like never before.  We need to remain vigilant.

Yours in service,

Representative Lynda Wilson
17th Legislative District

Well played Representative Wilson!


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