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“C” is for CONFLICT

"C" is for  C O N F L I C T

by Randall Stephens Just prior to the primary election for Clark County Council Dist 2 an interesting issue was raised in a blog post by Kaitlin Gillespie, County Government reporter for The Columbian.   In a July 29th blog post Gillespie…


You Can’t Take it With You!


by Randall Stephens It appears that candidate for Clark County Council (Dist. 2), Mary Benton can read the writing on the wall regarding the outcome of Tuesday’s primary election. She is emptying her campaign coffers in a last ditch effort…


M.I.A. Monica

It looks like Monica Stonier  decided to be missing in action during the important HR 4608 vote.  Amendments to that bill would have put a 2/3rds majority rule in place in order for legislators to raise taxes on the citizens…