Our Mission

Reality Clark County is a coalition of citizens intent on rescuing individual rights while preserving the balance of nature.

The story of America is one of a free people and free enterprise developing ideas and technologies, improving the quality of life while continually striving to provide for a healthy environment. As citizens, each of us has a duty and responsibility to become guardians of the earth which not only sustains life, but which offers beauty and pleasure.

The mission of Reality Clark County is to provide information on local environmental issues; expose non-elected government officials and organizations that have regulatory control over our daily lives; and educate people about how environmentalism and sustainability are robbing them of their property and liberty.

We welcome all to join us and become part of a renewed entrepreneurial spirit inspiring the next generation of technologies leading to prosperity and growth, individual liberty and a responsible caretaking of the environment. We do not believe it necessary for free people to live as ants confined to their colonies, but rather as responsible citizens who value the blessings of liberty and nature as provided by our Creator.

Motivational Message
I am only one – but I am one
I cannot do everything – but I can do something
And, because I cannot do everything
I will not refuse to do the something I can do
What I can do – I should do
And what I should do
By the Grace of God
I will do.

Edward Everett Hale