March Madness; April Angst


– A spoof on the current use program – by Professor Robert Dean Frank: We are in for a real treat tonight, Steve. This matchup has all the hallmarks of a classic battle of the Titans. On one side of…


BRT to Spite the Voters and Art for Art’s Sake

Coming to Fourth Plain Blvd. soon!

by: Vicki Kraft The C-Tran Board Meeting Thursday, March 19 focused on the new BRT Fourth Plain Project, being called “The Vine”. It was disconcerting to basically see a “rubber stamp approval” process happen with each action item that came up…


WA HR-1857: You Must Surrender to Other People’s Feelings and Fears!


by Randall Stephens True to form Washington State liberals are pushing legislation that would make your constitutionally protected rights subject to the fears and feelings of others.   Rep. Laurie Jinkins (D, 27th LD) is pushing HR-1857 and like most liberal legislation…


Unelected Oregon Bureaucrats Voting On SW Washington RTC


By: Vicki Kraft We need more of our local politicians standing up for SW Washington’s interests. Recently Rep. Lynda Wilson introduced HB 2124 which will remove the ability to vote for the two Oregonians who sit on our local Regional…


What Happened to Moeller?

Did you notice something different about the Washington State House of Representatives on Monday? Not many people did, but those who follow sessions closely may have noticed something was a bit irregular.  Where was Speaker ProTem Rep. Jim Moeller (49th…


Is Tim’s 2/3rds in Trouble?

A new email blast from Tax activist Tim Eyman warns that some Washington State Senators are opposed to a Senate rule that would require a 2/3 vote to raise taxes. The text from the email follows: ********************** “URGENT: Please forward…